Anti-Bullying Week 2017: Empowering Books

This post is the third in our series marking Anti-Bullying Week 2017.

Today we are focusing on books that will empower your child to beat the bullies. You may already know that Better Tuition has a mini lending library. Most of the books we are recommending come from there, so if you’d like to go ahead and read one, please ask at reception to browse our collection. We are aware that many of our blog readers come from far-flung parts of the globe, but we haven’t linked to an Amazon page as we recommend that you support your local independent bookshop (just down the road we have the excellent Urmston Bookshop). If you don’t have an independent bookshop locally, you can order online from the wonderful News from Nowhere.

You can browse a range of titles designed to help develop a growth mentality.

Jenny Alexander

Jenny Alexander’s books present simple solutions in an entertaining way . We like The 7-Day Bully Buster, Bullies Bigmouths and So-Called Friends and How to Be Happy. The books are short and easy to read and we have them available to borrow.

Gershen Kaufman

The title of Kaufman’s book –Stick up for Yourself: Every Kid’s Guide to Personal Power and Positive Self-Esteem – says it all. We have this in our mini lending library.

Brooks Gibbs

The intriguingly-named Brooks Gibbs is a big name in anti-bullying circles – visit our post on building resilience to see a clip of his work.  His book, Love Is Greater Than Hate, is a kind of anti-bullying manual which aims to put the victim in the driving seat.

For more information on Anti-Bullying Week 2017 and on coping with bullying generally, please visit:


To mark Anti-Bullying Week 2017, we will be posting about bullying, its effects and how to deal with it all week.

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