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Many, many young people come to us each year with a total lack of confidence in their own ability to carry out simple mathematical tasks.  Flashpoints for maths-phobics include fractions, algebra and problem solving.  

If your child needs extra help in maths, contact us today to arrange your FREE assessment.  You can also use the following useful links to help boost their numeracy skills.
Years 1 – 2 A fun maths game helping your child to understand money.

Years 3 – 6 There are lots of games here, some of which will also be useful for Key Stage 3 students. Junior School in Kent provide a huge amount of engaging and fun Maths activities.  Particularly recommended are the activities relating to telling the time.

Grammar School Entrance Exam and Key Stage Two SATs Preparation

Although the grammar school entrance examinations take place at the start of Year 6 and Key Stage 2 SATs take place at the end of Year 6, the standards required by both are very similar.

Here is an alphabetical list of the topics our students tend to need help with, together with useful links; it goes without saying that your child should be completing GL Assessment Practice Test Papers to identify areas they need to brush up on. 

AlgebraArea and Perimeter of Irregular shapes 
Averages (Mean, Mode, Range and Median)
Cube numbers – and your child will also need to understand square numbers.

Division –

Further Fractions
Fractions of quantities
General number skills
Negative numbers
Ordering decimals 
Pie charts
Prime numbers
Rotational symmetry 
Word Problems 

Years 7 – 9  Every topic is covered here with tests practice exercises

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