Books to help develop confidence and good study skills

We now have a small lending library at Better Tuition.

We now have a small lending library at Better Tuition. We have assembled a collection of books with two aims in mind:-

  1. To assist our students in becoming confident, happy, independent learners.

  2. To assist parents/ carers in helping their children become confident, happy, independent learners.

    You can browse – and borrow from – a range of titles designed to help develop a growth mentality.

The books we have chosen are easy to read and offer real solutions.  For example, we have Jenny Alexander’s excellent ‘7 Day’ series, which looks at ways of dealing with bullies, increasing brain power and boosting self esteem.  We also have books such as Tony Buzan’s Mind Maps for Kids and Patience Thompson’s 101 Ways to Get Your Child to Read.

If you’d like to browse the library, please ask at reception. We hope that many of our customers will borrow books.


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