The Better Tuition Lesson Format

Better Tuition: the magic of learning.

Better Tuition: the magic of learning.

Our lessons are fun and fast-paced: parents are amazed at how much their children learn on a week-by-week basis.

The Magic Ingredients

Better Tuition provides one-to-one tuition by qualified teachers in a small group setting.  This creates a balance of independent and guided learning, building confidence and mature study skills: the magic ingredients for academic success.

Fun and Focused Learning

Everyone comments on the atmosphere of purposeful, focused learning at Better Tuition.  Working individually within a group of four or five others gives our students a shared sense of purpose and a willingness to succeed.

The Learner is the Centre of Everything We Do

Your child’s tutor will plan an individual lesson for them every week.  Formal assessment, with a written report, will take place every twelve weeks.  Assessment is embedded in every lesson and we continually reflect and refine your child’s learning plan in order to meet their needs.  We want your child to fly, and we are completely focused on their needs.  Your child’s tutor will always take the time to explain everything really thoroughly, in a way that he or she will understand.

Independence Matters

We want our students to develop independent study habits that will stay with them for life and lead to improved academic performance throughout their education.  Giving Better Tuition students the space to practise new concepts independently builds excellent study skills.  They are, however, supported by their tutor at all times.  This approach guarantees that they are able to transfer all their new skills to a classroom setting.

Do you need tuition for maths, English, science or entrance exams?  The Better Tuition Centre is the leading provider of tuition in Urmston, Stretford and the wider Manchester area.  We have helped hundreds of children achieve their goals.  Book your FREE assessment and find out today why we’re better.  Find out how to book our popular summer school and practice entrance exams.

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