Last Minute SATs Practice

Spelling and Grammar

We like the mnemonics activities here

The spelling activities on this game are excellent

An abundance of grammar related links can be found here

Practise homophones here

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Creative Writing

Most of your creative writing study should be done with pen and paper, but for variety there are some useful links below:

Use and this website has some inspiring ideas for characters to write about.
The myth machine you brainstorm a myth of your own.

Here are some maths links.

Basic equations

Some more basic practice

Beyond the basics

Algebraic expressions quiz – easier

Algebraic Expressions quiz from – harder

Everything you need to know about angles (plus how to use a protractor, which is needed for Key Stage 2 SATs, but not for entrance exams).

Area and Perimeter of Irregular shapes

Averages (Mean, Mode, Range and Median)

Calendar, the – how to remember how many days are in each month.

Capacity – game

Cube numbers – and your child will also need to understand square numbers.

Factors – a fun Who Wants to be a Millionaire-style game

Fractions – BBC Skillswise provides a full range of factsheets and worksheets covering everything your child needs to know for entrance exams.

Further Fractions – with percentages

Fractions of quantities interactive lesson from BBC Key Stage 2 Bitesize

General number skills – Woodlands Junior School in Kent provides a vast treasure trove of educational games and interactive activities.

Multiplication – Woodlands Junior School has some great tricks and tips to help you remember multiplication facts.

Negative numbers – BBC Skillswise factsheets and worksheets.  There is also a game on the Maths is Fun website.

Ordering decimals – this game from Soft Schools is very effective and moves up to higher levels when required.

Pie charts – this activity from Subtangent clearly explains how pie charts work.

Prime numbers – Murderous Maths has an explanation, a trick and a special prime number calculator.

Probability – BBC Skillswise factsheets and worksheets

Properties of shapes – Innovations Learning has a very clear explanation of different shapes’ properties.

Properties of shapes – various links – a host of shape-based activities, including 3D shapes and nets, courtesy of Woodlands Junior School.

Ratio – a complete guide from BBC Skillswise.

Ratio – Ratio Blaster game from Arcademic Skill Builders.

Reflections and rotations – An activity from BBC Bitesize.

Rotational symmetry – Another wonderfully clear explanation from Subtangent Maths.

Symmetry – try the Symmetry Sort from Crickweb.

Symmetry – test your knowledge of symmetry with this quiz from Innovations Learning.

Word Problems – there are many word problems activities online but we particularly like this one; its all about head lice …

Volume – factsheets and worksheets from BBC Skillswise.

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