Entrance exams: what you need to know (part 3 of an occasional series)

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Verbal Reasoning (VR) is a key component in all of Trafford’s state grammar school entrance examinations, bar one (Urmston Grammar).  VR tests understanding, and ability to reason through words.  Question types include:

1.  Identifying opposites, e.g.
Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to important:
impossible, antisocial, insignificant, indirect.

2.  Identifying words close in meaning, e.g.
Choose the word which is closest in meaning to unbearable:
insecure, insufferable, unable, unimportant

3.  Completing an analogy, e.g.
Apple is to orchard as turnip is to:
stew, plate, shop,  or field

Answers are at the end of this post.

As you can see from the examples, a good vocabulary is required, as well as the ability to organise language into categories.

Some different question types may concern identifying the relationship between letters and/ or numbers or continuing a sequence :

4.  Which two letters complete the sequence?
      BQ, DP, FO, HN…

These are just to give you a flavour of Verbal Reasoning; a full list of question types can be found here

We recommend practicing little and often with Bond books (start on Second or Third Papers), and reviewing your child’s progress regularly.  We have a Verbal Reasoning section on our entrance exam links page, with some helpful bits and pieces.

Don’t neglect Verbal Reasoning, even if your preferred choice is Urmston Grammar School.  We recommend that your child enters for more than one entrance exam as this automatically increases their chances of success.

Finally, don’t forget our formal practice entrance exams, which are invaluably useful for identifying potential areas of weakness, as well as giving your child a realistic idea of what to expect.  These run closer to the examination and are very popular.  We do have to prioritise those children who already attend for tuition, but we do our utmost to fit in anyone who wants to take one of our practice tests. 

Remember: Better Tuition is to exam success as match is to fire!  We are experts in entrance exams and achieve excellent results.  We have a huge range of entrance exam resources, techniques and strategies that we would love to pass on to your child: why not contact us to book your FREE assessment today?

p.s.  Answers: 1) insignificant, 2) unbearable, 3) field, 4) JM

Image: Salvatore Vuono / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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