Day 24 – Festive Non-Verbal Reasoning

It’s the final day of Better Tuition’s Advent Activity Calendar and we have some festive non-verbal reasoning activity for you.  You will find the answers here.  Try more festive NVR from Better Tuition.

Non-verbal reasoning helps develop problem-solving skills and is particularly useful for students preparing for Trafford’s grammar school entrance exams/ 11 plus.

Question one:

Which Christmas gift is the reflection of the gift on the left?

nvr-reflectionsQuestion two:

The Christmas parcel on the left has been rotated 90 degrees in a clockwise direction.  Which parcel (a-d) shows this?

nvr - rotations
Question three:

Which Christmas tree is the odd one out?

nvr- odd one outQuestion four:

Find the Christmas present (a-d) that goes with the first Christmas present in the same way the two Christmas trees go together.
nvr-ANALOGIES                                                                                     A                B                       C              D


Question five:

Which is the missing square?

question 4- missing squareQuestion six:

Which net could fold up to make the cube shown?

nvr - CUBESQuestion seven:

Find the missing code(s).

nvr- codes

Question eight:

Which Christmas tree (A-E) is most like the Christmas tree on the left?
question 5-similarities


Teachers, please feel free to print this out and use it with your class. Parents, please feel free to print this out and use it with your child(ren).

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