Advent Calendar: 4th December – Verbal Reasoning Shuffled Sentences

It’s day 4 of our Advent calendar and we have a verbal reasoning challenge for you. At Better Tuition, Urmston, we have been trying to read this weather forecast but each sentence has been shuffled. What’s more, an extra word has been added to each sentence! Can you unshuffle the sentences and identify the extra word?

EXAMPLE weather be the heat will tomorrow warm


The shuffled sentence can be rearranged to make the sentence “The weather will be warm tomorrow.”

The extra word is ‘heat’.

  1. month be soon December will a cold
  2. frost will a there be thick ice
  3. below fall to temperatures freezing yesterday will
  4. warm cold will you your need clothes
  5. of is a snow there possibility balls
  6. will up coldest away north it be
  7. slightly the be south will gone warmer
  8. week only get next it colder will
  9. good conditions be were flying particularly will
  10. sleigh in our for look above Santa’s


Scroll down for the solution.



  1. December will be a cold month. Extra word: soon
  2. There will be a thick frost. Extra word: ice
  3. Temperatures will fall to below freezing. Extra word: yesterday
  4. You will need your warm clothes. Extra word: cold
  5. There is a possibility of snow. Extra word: balls
  6. It will be coldest up north. Extra word: away
  7. The south will be slightly warmer. Extra word:gone
  8. Next week it will get colder. Extra word: only
  9. Flying conditions will be particularly good. Extra word: were
  10. Look out for Santa’s sleigh above. Extra word: in

Don’t forget to come back to our Advent Calendar every day until Christmas Eve for fun, focused numeracy, literacy and verbal reasoning with a Christmas theme for Years 3-6.

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