Advent Calendar Day 22 – When the Reindeer Went Missing

Welcome to Day 22 of Better Tuition’s Winter Advent Activity Calendar.  Today we have a Yuletide English Language Quiz for you.  We hope you enjoy it.


In each question, choose the best word or group of words to complete this passage so that it makes sense and is written in correct English.  Underline the correct answer (or write it down if you are working from the screen).  When you have finished, scroll to the very end of this post to see the answers.

When the reindeer went missing

Santa and the elves wake up on Christmas Eve to find the reindeer have all vanished …

1.  Santa and the elves discussed/ disgust/ discussion/ discussing/ disgusting the whereabouts of the reindeer.

2.  “What’s the quickly/ most quickest/ quickliest/ quick/ quickest way of getting round the world without reindeer to pull my sleigh?” asked Santa.

3.  “Don’t even think about that,” squealed an elf, “You’ll never manage and anyway the reindeer will soon tired out/ tire of/ tiring from/ tiring/ tired hiding from us.”

4.  “But if the children of the world wake up tomorrow and I haven’t brought/ brung/ buyed/ bringed/ bring their Christmas presents, they’ll cry,” sighed Santa.

5.  “Well if the reindeer don’t come out of hiding soon, they won’t get they’res/ there’s/ theyre’s/ theirs/ their’s either,” said the tallest of the elves.

6.  Two of the littlest elves had choose/ chosen/ chose/ choosing/ choosed to ignore the whole conversation.

7.  They will stop/ were stopped/ had stopped/ stopping/ would stop to play merrily among the Christmas trees.

8.  Suddenly, a glint of red in the green trees saw their eyes/ caught their eyes/ catched their eyes/ caught sight/ catching sight.

9.  One of them pointed and shouted out with glee: “It’s Rudolph!  He’s hide/ hiding/ was hidden/ will hide/ was hid in the tree!”

10.  Rudolph and the other reindeer poked their heads out of some greenery and indicated/ jumped/ climbed/ viewed/ chorused, “Surprise!”

Parents and teachers, please feel free to use this resource and any other resource from our advent calendar for non-profit-making activities with your children or students.

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1.  discussed  2.  quickest  3.  tire of  4.  brought  5.  theirs  6.  chosen  7.  had stopped  8.  caught their eyes  9.  hiding  10.  chorused

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