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GCSE Tuition: We Are Here to Help

Has poetry got you panicked?  Does writing send you right round the bend?  Does comprehension compound all your anxieties?

Worry not, we have the answer: our qualified teachers can help you polish your punctuation and your poetry, write stylishly and accurately and answer comprehension questions – er, comprehensively. Contact us to organise your free assessment, then have a shufty through the following links. Work your way through the one that seems either most interesting or least sleep-inducing.

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  • If your poetry anthology is causing you angst, take a look at this page, which explains it all really clearly.  From Chaucer to Frost to Dryden and Duffy, the BBC have every poem covered with clear explanations.  There’s nothing like a bit of live poetry to get you in the mood for some serious study, so check out this website for live poetry events with Grace Nichols, Jackie Kay, Simon Armitage and more.

  •  Many of you teenfolk today need to polish up punctuation and hone those homophones: it’s surprising how many marks a few missed apostrophes or a misplaced ‘affect’ can lose, so visit this website for a quick masterclass in the main mistakes you people tend to make!

  •  Comprehension is all about finding facts, ideas and opinions in the text, including those which are implicit (so you have to read between the lines), being able to recognise features of the writers’ style and devices used for effect (e.g. metaphors) and being able to organise all of this into a clear and concise analysis on paper which answers the question being asked.  Phew!  Did I also mention that you will also need to compare two or more texts?

  •  Writing may involve writing to inform, advise, explain, persuade. describe, argue, analyse or review – and certainly more than one of these!  You will also need to think (and write) creatively when tackling Paper 1 Section 4.  English Biz has pretty comprehensive guides to all types of GCSE writing and some ideas for practice.


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