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 Practice Entrance Exams at Better Tuition: 2017

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CEM-style Exam Dates

GL-style Exam Dates

Which Format Should I Book?


Paying with Childcare Vouchers, Tax Credits and/ or Universal Credit


Each year from February until September, Better Tuition runs monthly practice entrance examinations to help Year 5 children prepare for Trafford’s grammar school entrance exams.  Our papers are tailored to the requirements of the school of your choice, including: Urmston Grammar, Stretford Grammar, Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, Altrincham Grammar School for Girls, Loreto Grammar School, Sale Grammar and St Ambrose College. 

Which Format: CEM-style or GL Assessment-style?

GL Assessment-style examinations are suitable for those Year 5 students planning to sit for Altrincham Grammar School for Boys, St Ambrose College and Loreto Grammar School. These examinations will consist of three of the following papers: maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, as well as a creative writing task, where relevant.

CEM-style examinations are suitable for those Year 5 students intending to sit for Urmston Grammar, Stretford Grammar, Sale Grammar School and Altrincham Grammar School for Girls.  These will consist of two, 45-minute papers that cover a combination of maths, comprehension, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

***Please note that there is a possibility that some grammar schools may announce a change of format from GL Assessment to CEM format.  If this is the case, we shall adapt the format of our examinations accordingly.***

We are experts in this area: we have several years of results from each of our papers and, although this is not an exact science, we can compare your child’s results with previous scores and make reasonable predictions about their chances of success in the grammar school entrance exams.  We adhere to the highest professional standards; our papers are exclusive to our centre and your child will not have encountered them previously. You can see the high quality of our examination papers by visiting our download store, where you will find some examples, many of which are free of charge.

Practice entrance examinations take place at our Urmston tuition centre [Better Tuition] and will be running on the following Sundays in 2017:-

CEM-style Exam Dates

Our CEM-style exams will run at our Urmston tuition centre from 09.30 am until 11.30 am (with an extra session running on 18th June from 12.30 – 2.30 pm. on the following dates:

26th February 2017 (introductory)

5th March 2017(introductory)

23rd April 2017

21st May 2017

18th June 2017

16th July 2017 ***UPDATE*** Due to great demand, we shall also run this test on 23rd July 2017. PLEASE NOTE: we shall be using the same papers on both of these dates.

20th August 2017



GL-style Exam Dates

Our GL-style exams (currently suitable for Altrincham Boys, Loreto and Ambrose) will take place at our Urmston Tuition Centre on the following dates:

26th February 2017 (introductory)

21st May 2017 (pm)

16th July 2017 (pm) ***UPDATE*** Due to great demand, we shall also run this test on 23rd July 2017. PLEASE NOTE: we shall be using the same papers on both of these dates.

The GL-style exams will run from 1 pm – 3.45 pm, except for the introductory test in February which will run from 09.30 am until 11.30am.


The cost of our practice entrance examinations is £40. Current customers of Better Tuition, who have attended and paid for a minimum of four lessons at the time of the exam will receive a 12.5%/ £5 discount on each exam. We will issue this as a refund after you have paid for the exam (technology is complicated!).

Paying with Childcare Vouchers, Tax Credits and/ or Universal Credit

We are an Ofsted-registered tuition centre and you may be able to pay for practice exams using childcare vouchers. You may also be able to claim back up to 70% of the cost of the examination if you are eligible for Tax Credits. Find out how to pay for practice examinations with childcare vouchers, Tax Credits and/ or Universal Credit.


If you want to book a practice entrance exam with us, you can do so online by clicking the button below. N.B. You need to know the date of the examination you wish to book. Paypal handles payment, but please note you do not need a Paypal account to pay; you can use any bank card. Please do not delay in booking as places can fill up quickly.

Book Now

Papers will be marked and returned to you within a maximum of five working days.

 “Thank you so much – the whole team are so reassuring and they really know their stuff.”

Better Tuition's team of expert teachers can prepare your child for entrance exams.
The papers are prepared and marked by our entrance exam experts and will be posted back to you within a week.  If you prefer to pick the papers up from our Urmston tuition centre, please let us know.

About Better Tuition

Better Tuition provides professional tuition by qualified and experienced teachers in our tuition centre in Urmston.  We offer an unbeatable range of resources to help your child succeed, including books, worksheets, bespoke computer software and multi-sensory learning aids, along with the expert input of our entrance exams experts.  Better Tuition is situated on Urmston’s main crossroads, a short car journey from the Trafford Centre.  Learn more about our methods.

Better Tuition provides individual tuition by qualified teachers in the heart of Urmston.


How do practice entrance exams help?

Book a practice entrance exam with Better Tuition.

Practice entrance exams at the Better Tuition Centre are designed to give your child experience in sitting an extended test for grammar school entry in Trafford.

Our practice entrance exams are tailored to your school of choice (for information on Trafford’s grammar schools’ differing requirements, visit this page) and are exclusive to Better Tuition.

Our practice entrance exams are normally marked and available to pick up within five days.

Practice entrance exams are an excellent way to identify the areas your child still needs to cover.  Call us on 0161 748 3912 or email to book your place today.

FREE NVR download at

Download our FREE NVR and VR practice papers here.

We aim to replicate the ‘real’ entrance exams as closely as possible and our exams will identify the key areas your child needs to cover over the coming weeks.

Summer School at Better Tuition

Better Tuition‘s Summer School is a great way to keep up your entrance exam preparation over the long summer break.  You can book between one and four sessions per week.  Places are limited so please contact us to book as soon as possible.
Join our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter for regular updates.  Learn more about Trafford’s entrance exams here, and visit our useful links page.

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We are the leading providers of maths, English, science and entrance exam tuition in Urmston, Stretford and Manchester.

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